Etchings on the heart tell stories – mine, yours, those along the road that we pause to tend. Blood stains our existence. Not pretty, these stories choke out sobs and gasps of horror and that heavy weight upon the compassionate breast. Blood and pain. Scars and shame. Lies pressed into open wounds, seeming true. Others walk by cloaked in impenetrable platitudes and arrive elsewhere on time, their own wounds safely tucked away. They miss the etchings that render sorrow and joy in delicate patterns of humanness, binding our wounds to the One who heals.

    "Fellowship of the Suffering," by Julie Brunson
Angela Adams:

My daughter was molested for four years by my husband and her father. We'd been married for 12 years. We had three boys and one girl. Our youngest was only 8 months old when my daughter came and told me what had been going on. She was only seven. The date was April 28, 2008. He'd been doing it since she was three, when I went back to work in the evenings so I could stay home with the kids during the day so we wouldn't have to find a sitter. I had a very strong faith and knew this wasn't my fault nor hers and he was all to blame. We went to counseling after we left (the day she told me) and the counselor released all of us, even her, after less than a year, because she said we all had such great faith and a handle on things. I know we'll all need counseling again in life as things come up, especially my daughter.... (Read the rest of the story)


On October 10th, 2010, I took part in a historic event at Harpo studios that resulted in two full episodes of Oprah's Farewell Television Tour dedicated to male sexual abuse survivors that were abused by men. It was the largest endeavor of its kind by Oprah in her 25 years of producing the show. 200 men showed up to share their stories about their sexual abuse by other men. It is the start of a new era across the globe around awareness of sexual abuse that up until now has predominately been shunned by the church, government, and media.... (Continue Reading)

DH's story:

I grew up in a blue collar middle-class household in the Midwest. I had always been a fun, care-free, and creative sort of kid...and pretty trustful. I was in the 2nd grade, and the summer was finally here. I was excited about going to camp, which was sponsored by my church. I was going for two weeks. It was a long time to be away from home, but lots of my friends were going to be that little bit of nervousness was offset by excitement.... (Read the rest of the story)

Bill's story:

My life began in suburban Chicago in the mid 1950s. Elvis was exploding on the scene. Television was in its infant stage. It was a time of peace and prosperity in America. The middle class was emerging. New ideas and values were being forged across the country. The world was about to see change like never before.... (Read the rest of the story)

Jacob's story:

I guess you can say that I was privileged in the fact I was brought up in a Christian home. I was one who had the opportunity of being able to go to church on a weekly basis and was able to attend a Christian school my whole life. Money was never really an issue for my family. I had parents that I respected and had a good relationship with. I had brothers and sisters that I, for the most part, was able to get along with even though I may not have been that close to all of them. I had a core group of friends I was able to grow up with at the Christian school, with a few additions here and there as the years went by. I grew up in athletics and developed a huge love for the game of basketball. However in high school, basketball took the back seat to football in a way. Even though basketball still may have been where my heart was, football was really what I was able to excel in. I had it pretty easy growing up. I really had it all and even though I may have seemed happy on the outside, something was truly missing on the inside.... (Read the rest of the story)

Healing starts by confronting the past. It is difficult to go back to all the pain. The best way to confront the darkness is to bring it to the light, where you can confront it for what it is and find people who have traveled that road, too.

This site is for telling your story. NO need to put your name. Someday you may have the courage to tell others to read your story. Keeping it inside will just keep wounding your heart. E-mail us your story and we'll post it for you. Or, just e-mail if you have questions we can help with.

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