By Bill Harbeck

There is no crime more devastating than childhood sexual abuse. It steals the innocence and soul of its victims and leaves them in a world of silence and shame. Attempting to live in safety, survivors create a world of false security praying no one will ever discover the ugly secret and no one will hurt them again. For too long, these stories have hidden in the shadows, countless souls longing for freedom from the pain and suffering in their hearts. This is just one story that speaks for millions who are holding on to hope.

"The first book I ever read cover to cover."
"Couldn't put it down."
"It's like reading my own story."
"A work of Hope."

For a donation of any amount to Holding on to Hope Ministries, we will send you an autographed copy of the book. You will not be able to put this story down and we encourage you to pass it along to a friend.

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The Difficult Journey of Sexual Abuse Healing: Guidelines for the Road

Holding on to Hope Ministries

We offer a healing guidebook designed to be a pocket type resource sharing the big picture of abuse recovery.

I believe that recovery is a life-long process. I believe it requires a close trusted friend to share the walk. I believe once down the road survivors have a natural desire to assist others in the journey.

The guidebook is neither a fixer, nor self-help manual only our Lord does the repairing. It is a gift of love from a fellow broken brother and friend. I am grateful everyday for the people that have walked with me and the faithfulness of our Lord to keep me in His eye. -Bill Harbeck

By Bill Harbeck

We all live lives of dependence in one way or another. Joree Harbeck was born thirteen weeks premature. She suffered severe seizures hours after birth that caused cerebral palsy and significant damage to her brain. Her prognosis was pessimistic.

Love goes both ways when we are willing to admit there is nothing we can do to determine the outcome of our lives, and we surrender to the truth that we are all dependent on others to assist us in traveling this road of life. Joy comes when we allow others to love and care for us deeply and when we do the same in return.

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