The Family Rescue and Recovery Program
The FRRP assists a family as long as necessary using the following guidelines:
  1. The leader/s of the family maintains, or works to secure steady employment.

  2. The family submits to financial oversight by the FRRP team

  3. The family reaches independent financial responsibility as quickly as possible with the goal being no longer than one year in the program.

  4. The family commits to a local church and maintains regular attendance and or involvement and financial responsibility (tithing)

  5. The family agrees to weekly meetings to address family concerns of all types led by FRRP staff. Individual meetings with parents will be scheduled as requested or needed.

  6. In one year or less, the family accomplishes independence both financially and from FRRP oversight and assists with HOH in mentoring a new family in the program.
You can be a part of the FRRP program through prayer and financial donation. Any monthly donation to the FRRP program will go directly to the family shortages.

2015 Milestones for the Alvarez Family
  • Debbie works for the State of Arizona Social Services Department

  • Evaluated and restructured Family Finances

    • Working to eliminated long-term and short term debts.

    • Developed a monthly budget and payment schedule

  • Walked through 8 month litigation proceedings involving child custody issues and support

    • Settlement reached and signed in October Legal Fees reached $2000.00

  • Developed monthly plan for chores and responsibilities for children in the home

    • 30 day excellent performance resulted in a trip to local amusement park

  • Started a model rocketry program with Tommy

  • Attend church every Sunday

  • Hours spent in personal counseling regarding the long history of abuse and neglect for Debbie

  • Regular Sunday Family Dinner at the Hope House, includes afternoon swimming, games, discussion

  • Assist children with school work, programs, and homework

  • Provide transportation for children to Boys and Girls Club

  • Working to establish consistent, biblical, loving discipline

  • Spending lots and lots of time just hanging out.

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