Our Mission
The purpose of Holding on to Hope Ministries is to raise awareness of the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse and to address the damaging lifelong consequences.
Bill and Jillian Harbeck, Founders/Directors
"I know there are kids out there that are hurting deeply. They are living in a world of silence and shame and they believe they have nowhere to go. I lived in that world for many years hoping one day the pain would leave."

Bill is a thirty year veteran of Christian Education. In that period, he taught many grades through college, administrated as principal, and coached boys and girls at all levels. He has a passion to see that children and adults wounded by abuse hear a message of hope. He shares his story across the country encouraging the wounded to come out from the shadows and face the lies they have come to believe. Lies like, "I am dirty." "I am a failure." "I have no future." "No one could ever love me." Bill and his wife Jillian share their journey to healing with their adopted daughter Joree. Joree is multi-handicapped, but has demonstrated to both Bill and Jillian the power of healing the soul. Their desire is to bring public attention to this plague on our world and offer a road to healing.

"Abuse of all kinds is a hideous destruction of the design God intended for all human beings. We cannot stand by and let this go on anymore."
Board of Directors
Mark Young, M.Div.

Scott Devine

John Neafus

Jillian Harbeck

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